Harlequin is Sadly Closing Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: At what age can my child start riding?

A: Students may start as young as the age of 6.

Q: Can adults take lessons too?

A: Yes! We welcome everyone of all ages to join our lesson program. However, we do have some restrictions for the safety of horse and rider due to size of our lesson horses/ponies. 

Q: Where can I watch my child ride during lessons?

A: We are always happy to have proud parents watch their children ride! We have benches and 2 tables on 2 sides of the outdoor ring where you can watch from. We have a seating area in the corner of our indoor ring, equipped with an overhead heater for when it gets cold. 

Q: Can I visit the other horses?

A: Yes, you may go around to see the other horses. Please be aware: Horses can mistake fingers for carrots! Please ask a staff member if you would like to pet a horse or pony. 

Q: Can I give treats to the horses? 

A: Please DO NOT FEED the horses without first asking the staff. Some of the horses are privately owned and have dietary restrictions. 

Q: What are the yellow wires running along the paddock fences?

A: Most of our paddocks have an electric fence. Please DO NOT touch!

Q: When do I need to arrive for my lesson?

A: For our 1 hour beginner lessons, please arrive right at the time scheduled for your lesson. For all other lessons, please arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the start of your lesson to catch, groom, and tack up your horse/pony so you can be in the ring on time for the start of your lesson. 

Q: How long will my child need to stay after a riding lesson?

A: For 1 hour beginner lessons, lessons will typically end on time. For all other lessons, your child will need untack and groom their horse/pony after riding, as well as clean brushes and tack, which usually takes around 20-30 minutes. 

Q: How long will my child actually be on the horse/pony and riding during a lesson?

A: Our 1 hour beginner lessons include time for the instructor to teach your child how to catch, groom, tack up, and untack their horse/pony, as well as clean tack. At the beginning, more time might be spent learning how to care for their horse/pony. When your child is relatively proficient, approximately 30 minutes of the lesson will be spent actually riding. For all other lessons, given that your child is on time, they should expect to be able to ride for the entirety of their scheduled lesson time. 

Q: What happens in extreme weather?

A: We offer riding lessons year around and very rarely do we have to cancel lessons. In the event that lessons are canceled due to extreme weather (e.g., snowstorm, severe thunderstorm, etc), students and/or parents will be notified as soon as possible. In the event that it is too cold, too hot, or an alternative scenario, barn lessons may be offered. Barn lessons will be conducted in the main barn where your child will learn more about horse care, such as how to wrap legs or pull a mane. 

Q: How do I pay for lessons?

A: Payment for lessons is due on the 1st lesson of each month. Please make sure to enclose payment in an envelope with the name of the student and the month. Please address checks to "Harlequin Stables". 

Q: How can I thank my horse/pony after a lesson?

A: Our horses/ponies love carrots, apples, peppermints, and other treats. Please check with your instructor about your horse/pony's dietary restrictions. You can feed treats by hand or in your horse/pony's grain bucket in their stall. 

Q: How do I schedule a lesson?

A: We are flexible when it comes to scheduling lessons. You can schedule a lesson via phone, text, email, or in person. 

Q: How often can my child ride?

A: Generally, students ride once or twice per week depending on availability. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Q: Do you have trail rides?

A: We're sorry, but we do not have trail rides. However, we sometimes do a trail ride around the property as part of our lesson program. 

Q: Can I borrow riding equipment, such as a helmet?

A: Unfortunately, we do not loan out riding helmets due to health and liability reasons. However, we do often have a give and take system with an assortment of paddock boots, riding boots, half chaps, etc that you are welcome to participate in. 

Q: What if I need to cancel a lesson?

A: Please refer to our cancellation policy at the bottom of our lessons page.