Meet Our Amazing Instructor!

Owner: Margie Flanagan

Margie Flanagan is the owner and licensed instructor at Harlequin Stables. Margie purchased her first horse, Harlequin, a leopard appaloosa, in the 80's. He was the inspiration for Harlequin Stables. Margie and "Harley" competed in dressage, eventing, and even a bit of the hunters. Harley eventually became the first lesson horse at Harlequin Stables! Margie bought Tess, who is in the photo above, as a 2 year old, pictured here at 22. Margie and Tess continued to teach and learn from one another on their long, but rewarding journey. 

Meet Our Dedicated Counselors & Helpers!

Harlequin's Summer Horsemanship Sessions wouldn't be the same without our counselors in training (CITs) and our wonderful helpers! Meet some of the friendly faces you will get to know during sessions and around the barn. 


Tania has been riding since she was 6. She loves riding her beautiful Friesian mare, Kea!


CJ has been riding since she was 6. She loves riding her little prince, Harry!


Emilia has been riding since she was 14. She loves riding Dutchess and Ike!

Meet Our 4-Legged Friends!

  Winston "Winnie" Flanagan 

Of course, we couldn't leave out Winnie! Winnie, owned by Margie and Joe, is one of many friendly faces you will see at Harlequin. Winnie enjoys walking around the property and greeting everyone he meets with enthusiasm and a wagging tail! 

Our Cute Barn Cats!