Our Lesson Program
Dedicated to building a bond between horse and rider

Our instructors at Harlequin teach a basic balanced seat and proper equitation to our riders just starting out. As riders' abilities progress they will learn the skills of basic dressage and jumping. Each instructor has their own style of teaching and riding to accommodate different riders into our program. Riders must be at least six years old to begin riding with us.

Lessons are taught 6 days per week, Tuesday through Sunday. We offer private or semi-private lessons to give extra attention to riders and to allow for a less crowded ring. Lessons are offered throughout the year, as we have an indoor ring for inclement weather. 

We will be accepting new students to our lesson program. If you would like to be added to our waitlist for when lesson times become available, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page!

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COVID-19 Protocols

Our lesson program is suitable for riders ages 6+ of varying levels. Sign up for lessons today and fill out our release form below! 




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Having a fun bareback lesson in warm weather in our large outdoor ring! 

Lesson Rates

30 minute lesson - $50.00

60 minute lesson  - $90.00

(Prices updated as of April 2020)

(Please note that new students are required to start with 1 hour lessons. These longer lessons will allow the instructor to teach and evaluate the student's riding ability. Once the student has reached the skill level required for group lessons, they may switch to 30 minute lessons if they so choose.) 

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Please be aware that at your first lesson, your parent/guardian will be required to sign a COVID release form. 

Keeping everybody warm, (including Dutchess's ears!) after a great lesson in our indoor ring! 

Cancellation Policy

In the case of canceling a lesson we would ask that instructors be notified with a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled lesson time. This allows our instructors enough time to try and fill the lesson slot, or be able to plan their day accordingly. Lessons that are cancelled the day of their scheduled time will be charged for half of the lesson amount. However, in the case of a true emergency, no charge will be applied. (Please note that traffic, weather, fatigue, etc. will not be considered as a real emergency). Please also keep in mind that our instructors’ livelihood depends on their income from teaching when canceling your lesson.

Lessons are scheduled in such a way that the instructors must coordinate with one another use of the rings and lesson horses. If you arrive late for your lesson, your lesson will be shortened so that it can remain within your scheduled time slot. If you are taking a lesson that includes grooming and tacking as a part of the lesson, please show up at your scheduled time. If you are responsible for grooming and tacking on your own, please give yourself 30 minutes prior to your lesson for this so you can be mounting at your scheduled time. Parents, when dropping off you young riders, please be sure that their instructor is at the barn before you leave. If no one is at the barn we ask that you stay here until there is an instructor or adult present.

Please be sure to contact your instructor directly when you need to cancel.