Explore the exciting world of horse shows and competition!

We offer the opportunity to compete primarily as a learning experience for our students that will help them grow as riders. All of Harlequins lesson horses and ponies compete too!

We encourage students/parents to talk directly with your instructor if you are interested in competing during the season, so that we can try and find a show that is a best suited for horse and rider.

Showing Schedule: not showing at this time due to COVID-19

Links to informational sheets regarding all the aspects of showing - what you need, what the costs are, and, of course, where we are going - will be posted

Horse Show Rates

  • Coaching: $85.00 and up

  • Braiding: $50.00 *
  • Grooming: $40.00
  • Mane Pulling: $15.00 and up *
  • Horse Lease Fee: $75.00
  • Trailering: $30.00 loading fee + $2.50/per loaded mile OR $90.00 minimum *
  • Entry Fees: Varies at each show

(Prices updates as of April 2020)

*indicates that fee may be split between riders if horse/pony is to be ridden by multiple riders at the show*