Harlequin is Sadly Closing Testimonials
Hear from our students, parents, and people who make Harlequin such a special place!

Hear from the parents!

"Margie is a skillful, compassionate teacher who always ends a riding lesson on a positive note. My daughter always feels a sense of accomplishment when she leaves the ring and can’t wait for the next lesson. Margie’s style is one of coaxing and encouragement, as her students learn and improve their riding skills. She consistently reviews and reinforces the basics while introducing new skills. She has a clear idea of her students’ abilities and challenges them just enough each lesson to bring forth real progress. My only regret is that we didn’t start at Harlequin earlier."

- Mimi

"Margie has a very authentic and natural approach with each student. She quickly understood our daughter’s strengths and her barriers and was able to communicate with her in a way that made our daughter feel a sense of progress and success. For my daughter, riding has been all about the journey and the process and the connection between horse and rider and Margie’s teaching speaks to that so well." 

- Susan

"I wish I had a barn like this growing up. Margie's superb teaching is focused on connection with, communication with, and respect for the horse. She takes every opportunity to teach about horse behavior, caring for and fitting tack, basic medical knowledge and barn management. Margie consciously promotes an environment of teamwork with high standards for safety, personal conduct, collaboration, and, of course, proper care for the horses and equipment. It is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Riders help one another and often stick around to socialize and do chores, and more experienced riders often mentor newer ones. Parents and kids enjoy socializing at the occasional Friday night fire, and summer camp is fantastic. It's a peaceful and happy place, and my daughter has grown so much from being there. We feel so lucky to have found Harlequin Stables."

- Marie

"All three of our girls have been riding at Harlequin Stables for several years. We were very impressed from the moment we drove onto the property, and by the following weekend we were signed up and starting our journey with Margie. It has been an absolute pleasure to be there from day 1. With the friendly, family-like atmosphere, the well maintained property and skilled and dedicated staff, every rider can expect only the highest quality of training, facilities, and care. Lessons are always interesting and challenging, no matter what the rider's ability, but Margie is always mindful of her horses and students' limitations so as not to scare either one. She is supportive, encouraging all while pushing you to do your best. Since we have been there our daughters have gained so much confidence; and not just riding on the ponies. We appreciate how kind and patient Margie is, and how she goes about training them on the rules of horseback riding and horsemanship. You just don't learn how to ride the pony/horse, you learn how to take care of the beautiful animals. In short, we cannot say enough positive things about Harlequin Stables and we highly recommend it for any level or age of student. Definitely one of the best decisions we have made for our family."

- Tanya and David

Hear from our riders!

"Margie is one of the most patient, kind, and compassionate people I know. She always has her student’s best interests in mind and will go the extra mile to help each one succeed. I love that she always insists on ending every lesson on a good note. When I first came to Harlequin three years ago, I was a quiet beginner who often second guessed myself. Over the years, Margie has helped me grow as a rider and gain confidence. Each lesson horse has something to teach and I wouldn't have improved so much without Harlequin's wonderful horses/ponies and, of course, Margie! The friendships that I’ve made at Harlequin, both four-legged and two-legged, alike, are truly meaningful. I can’t imagine riding anywhere else."

- Emilia
(age 18)

"Harlequin Stables is a special place where you connect with both the horses and the people. Everyone is so kind, interesting, and understanding. Each horse has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and you learn so much from each one. They each teach you an essential lesson and help you become the best rider you can be. The instructor Margie is so kind and caring, to both the people and the horses. She works us hard and makes us take care of the horses in the best way possible. She makes sure that the horse’s health and care is top priority, along with safety. I have learned so much from her and all of the horses. On a more personal note, Margie is so invested in each of her riders. She has come to my plays and truly cares and makes an effort to connect with all. Harlequin is a wonderland tucked in a grove off a busy street. I love the horses, people, and especially Margie."

- Rose  
(age 13)

“Being the owner and rider of Kea, Olivia and Margie taught me how to control her in and out of the ring. They let me take risks and made me believe in myself as a rider. Harlequin has been a place where I learned how to not only horseback ride but take care of horses. Then, pass on my learning to campers: which is a great feeling!” 

- Tania
(age 17) 

“I love how the trainers push riders to their goals. They made me the rider I am today! I won many ribbons and championships due to Jen, Margie and Olivia.” 

- Cj
(age 17)

Hear from our boarders!

"Through our mutual love of all things horses, I was fortunate to meet Margie Flanagan many years ago in equestrian social circles. In that time, I have come to regard her highly as a horsewoman, a mentor, and a genuine friend. Margie takes great pride in the success of her riding students. She is a very competent horse trainer who skillfully teaches her students the art of riding horses. Her students gain confidence in their riding abilities because of her warm and compassionate style of teaching. I am a horse owner and I chose to board my own horse, Veritas, at Harlequin Stables. I have peace of mind in knowing that Veritas and all of the other horses at Harlequin are receiving the best of care because of Margie’s professionalism, dedication and hard work. I am also a licensed riding instructor. I am grateful to Margie for becoming my mentor and supervising instructor during my internship to become licensed. I gained a lot of insight through her guidance and training. I would recommend Margie and her riding program to any prospective rider without hesitation. She invests herself in the success of her students and makes it an experience that is safe, rewarding, but most of all, FUN!"

- Erin