Explore the exciting world of horse shows and competition!

While Harlequin has enjoyed much success at showing in the past, the current focus of the barn is on developing horsemanship and focusing on the lesson, boarders, and barn community.  

Showing Schedule: not showing at this time due to COVID-19

Horse Show Rates

  • Coaching: $85.00 and up

  • Braiding: $50.00 *
  • Grooming: $40.00
  • Mane Pulling: $15.00 and up *
  • Horse Lease Fee: $75.00
  • Trailering: $30.00 loading fee + $2.50/per loaded mile OR $90.00 minimum *
  • Entry Fees: Varies at each show

(Prices updates as of April 2020)

*indicates that fee may be split between riders if horse/pony is to be ridden by multiple riders at the show*